Finding Creative Space

The idea of creativity during motherhood has been circling around.  


Before having my son, I was always working on creative projects both for work and myself.  I've always taken photos as a hobby of sorts, since I was about sixteen.  After twenty years, I'm taking a break from "working" as a floral designer and I'm noticing that now that I'm not "working" as a floral designer, I'm taken a lot more photos of flowers than before.  Melding my work into something else of sorts.  Flowers have always been a tremendous part of my life and I don't think I will ever stop working with them - just in different ways.  Anyway, I got lost along the way of talking about motherhood and being creative and finding the times and the tug-of-war one can feel.


As to finding space, I have to make it in a house with a five year old where every space needs to change during the day for the next project or meal - I tend to set up things to photograph on my kitchen table when I have time.  It's got the best light in the house and easy to have a little undisturbed time and a fast and easy clean up.  Life is messy and constantly moving with children.  You can't be too precious, you just have to find a way to push through.


blissful blues

I love the iridescent glow in the blues (and merging into purples here).  Blue, the color of quiet; still or crashing waves.  I come to water for calm, for reflection, for peace. 


The sweetest little powder blue forget-me-nots that pop up along my fence.


Floral on floral, I remember playing with scraps from my grandmother's vintage Liberty of London fabric stash when I was little.  One of my favorites was one of their iconic florals in blues and greens similar to this one.  


Looking for more color?  A post about summer color and rainbows.


All flowers, styling and photography by Silvanie Farmar Bowers

Easter eggs

Last year, I was all about bare eggs. Spring is a time of color and these Kashmir eggs are all about that.  


A few chocolates go a long way in this simple little basket of baby tears with a few different springs of flowers tucked in.  Perfect for a toddler or on your table.


I almost like the messy bits behind-the-scenes more.  I always seem to take photos of them.


More Easter and egg cups from last year.


All florals, styling and photography by Silvanie Farmar Bowers

fairy bouquets

Spring has finally arrived!  Happy to let go of winter and move on to days getting warmer.  I am forever in love with strawberries and anyone who knows me knows I love using the foliage and flowers in arrangements.  Such fond memories from my childhood of walking through our garden, picking strawberries.  We used to pick the berries for our dessert and my mom would whip the cream, sometimes even vanilla ice cream.  I guess its the true sweetness of childhood?  My mom talked to us a lot about different fairies living in the plants and wild strawberries (or in the garden) have always seemed so magical to me and a sweet place for a fairy to live.


How could they not want to live with daisies and strawberries?


Daisies are another favorite - their sweet faces pull me in.  When I was a kid, I used to love making fairy bouquets mostly out of tiny weeds, pinched between my fingers, almost small enough to put in a thimble.  In keeping with that magic, I made my son a fairy bouquet with strawberry flowers and foliage, flowering thyme complete with a butterfly and mushroom, tied with a fine wool string with a little bow and long tails.   Pure magic!


 I think I could just make fairy bouquets all day.

flowering branches

Mid-winter is feeling like spring with days in the 70's here in California.  I cut some flowering quince from my front yard and fell down a rabbit hole.  


Hellebores I picked earlier in the week at my mom's with a beautiful lichen covered branch that fell down one windy night a few weeks ago that I've been saving.


Muscari take me back to childhood and remind me of little flower fairies with their tiny florets and the blue is other worldly.  Mine started pushing flowers in October!  They're one of my most favorite flowers (my list is very long and changes with the season).    


I love watching the quince fade out to a pale petal pink.  I remember the days when people didn't want Coral Charm peonies because of the fade that is admired so much today.  Oh, the ever changing floral trends.


My preferred floral tools have always been No. 2 Felcos and a pair of Joyce Chen snips (they can wear through pretty quickly but are the best size for me and have good action while they are sharp, they also fit nicely in your back pocket, most get accidentally thrown away).  For the longest life of your quince or any flowering branch, scrape down the sides on the bottom inch or so with your Felco's (or knife) and cut on a diagonal with at least one sharp cut up the stem, sometime's I'll do two (like a cross). For more tender woody stems like snowball viburnum or lilac, smash stems with a hammer (or back of shears) after you scrape the stems.  You will get the longest life-span from your flowers by properly conditioning so don't skip.


winter walks

The first weekend of the new year and we woke up to a beautiful, heavy fog.Foggy mornings seem to give you more of a chance to slow down without feeling a sense of time going by.  At least they do for me.  My family spends a lot of time meandering the trails near our house.  On this morning, my son was looking for mushrooms and I was busy looking at the remnant grass and seed heads of summer and fall in the meadows.  The decaying blackberry canes and the last of the rose hips rotting and withering.  I closed my eyes and thought of other seasons here, the flush of wild roses in the spring flouncing and adorning the sides of the path.  The meadows lit up with explosions of colorful confetti when the mustard, wild radish and lupines are in bloom. The sweetness of the blackberries ripening in the summer heat.  Listening to the birds, always busy, chattering away making nests or screeching as they swoop to snatch a mouse. 



Making collages for New Year's cards this year.  In an effort to tidy my house, I have let go of so many magazines I used to collect. It makes it that much more fun to have to seek out things to clip - I was surprised to get some good ones from the holiday REI catalogue.


Traded some collages with other people through Instagram - it was fun sending cards to people that I only know through photos online.   Email me if you are interested. 


Some old and new photos of clematis.  Just a few stems can make such and impact.  You can really never go wrong with green and white.


Some clematis growing along the banks of the Russian river entwined with wild grape.  Such a beautiful summer display.  


First hydrangea I've cut all year, I've been saving it for fall because I love it aged.  Tinges of green and pink and speckles - it's hardened off so will probably just let it dry.


Little basket I made earlier this summer.  Looks so sweet turned upside down and used as a frog.

Summer Festival

Went the the sweetest festival at Fort Ross over the weekend.  We made candles and baskets.

They had games and circle dancing.  I loved all of the different colors and patterns of the women's Russian dresses.

They had a basket making booth.  It was mesmerizing and calming to make one,  I'd love to make some more.

This woman in the chapel reminded me so much of Tasha Tudor.  The chapel is so beautiful and worth a trip to Fort Ross.  

A sailor making knots and telling stories of maritime history.

Spotted this plein air painter on the bluff as we were leaving.  Nice way to spend the day.

Flower Friends / summer

A seasonal get together with other floral designers where we pick from our gardens and forage to make no-fuss arrangements and bouquets on the fly. Somehow I missed spring, but with summer in full swing I asked my sister, Zoe and mom, Lisbeth, both veteran designers if they were up for it again.  We had worked on a couple for winter which were so much fun.  

Zoe holding a bouquet I made with herbs from my garden and lavender, Shasta daisies and the cutest asters I picked from her's.  A true hippie at heart, I found this breezy vintage dress from India at an estate sale a couple of years ago.  It looks wonderful with this loose bouquet.

This cafe chair has been beautifully enveloped by some grapevines over the summer.  Makes for the perfect spot in the garden to enjoy a glass of wine.

Summer is all about color - look at these mirabelle plums and borage together!

A basket full of plums, asian pears and borage gathered from Zoe's garden.  Find other season's here, spring / summer / fall / winter.  Or, scroll through them all.

All flowers & styling by Zoe Honscher, Silvanie Farmar Bowers and Lisbeth Hansen.  Photos by Silvanie Farmar Bowers