Flowers. pressed/dried/fresh

I like flowers in all forms.  Growing up on a cut flower farm, flowers are a huge part of a lot of my childhood memories.  Scent, color, a certain flower or even a time of year can all evoke these memories.  When daffodils begin to bloom and the grass is tall and wet, or when the lupines begin to fade from the hillsides and the grass begins to dry.  Eventually turning into the golden hills of summer that California is so well known for.

A pressed dandelion I collected with my son last summer.

The soft scent of dried chamomile and lavender reminds me of warm summer mixed with fresh spring daphne reminds me summer is farther away than I think.

This flower press is just a little children's one we picked up at the art store, but you could easily make one yourself or use a dictionary or other book.  It's always sweet to open a book you haven't looked at in years and find a pressed flower.  This one looks sweet.  Here are some other good ideas for pressing your own.