Not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but I think it is nice for children.  We've been cutting out paper hearts to put in our windows.



Salad is one of my favorite things to eat.  One of the beautiful things with it, besides the taste is the ability to change up your herbs, lettuce's, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and flowers based on the seasons. 

One of my favorite winter salads is basically this

kale (massaged with olive oil and kosher salt)
dried apricots (sliced)
almonds (raw sliced, I get mine at Trader Joe's and put on everything from oatmeal to yogurt)
feta (fresh, crumbled)

Splash on some vinegar and fresh cracked pepper.  



I'm lucky to live near the ocean and go quite often.  It's also nice to be able to turn around and go home if it's too cold or windy.


s m a l l things

Some newer clogs, some vintage (from my childhood) and some for newer feet in our family.

Wild Violets

Picked some blooming jasmine on a walk this morning.  

Spotted some wild violets along side of the road on our walk.  It's in a wooded area which has the most prolific forget-me-nots which will be blooming soon enough.  Also spotted plenty of bursting pussy willow and blooming acacia.