Earlier this summer, I went to West County Herb Company and had some teas made.  The woman who helped me was very nice and gave me a cup of tea to drink while I sat and nursed and we talked about women's health, childbirth etc. while she mixed some teas with dried herbs.  I had a tea made for someone as a gift and one for myself too!

I was looking through some old photos, and the color of these really struck me.  I was surprised to see that I had taken them in the middle of winter.  Autumn and winter are really the best time of year at the coast here in Northern California.  Last week was so mild, I almost forgot it was even summer then the heat crept back up today.  We picked blackberries in Graton with friends from our weekly mama walking group. The sunscreen, hats, and sandal blisters came back too.

Spring is around the corner, and with the time change next week it will feel like a whole new season. Our weather has been so out of whack this year, my daffodils are only starting to bloom now. It might almost be time to take a drive to look for wild orchids. When I was a young child, my mother would tell me I had to be very quiet and look very carefully to see the fairies around the wild orchids in the woods near our house. She told me that only children could see them. Wouldn't that be magical to see fairies flying around wild flowers?